Pregnancy After 40

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As a mother who had a baby at 25, 41 and 43 years old, Michelle Johnson was well aware of all of the daunting statistics and even some the negative thoughts and comments of family and friends about us getting pregnant after 40 and becoming mothers later in life.

Suffice it to say, none of those were enough to deter her or the millions of other women who decided or become pregnant after 40. So, she created a "Pregnancy After 40" Community to give women all the support that they need on this journey, from pre-conception, losses, pregnancy and postpartum!

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With that being said, please be sure to join not only our private/closed Facebook "Pregnancy After Forty" Group but be sure to also visit our website often and checkout our monthly Podcasts.

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In addition to our private Facebook group "Pregnancy After 40", we are here to support, encourage and share our journeys and stories with one another.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site or group, please let us know.

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