Pregnancy After 40

Podcast Episode

Episode 002 - Preparing My Body for Pregnancy and a Baby After 40 w/ Jodie

March 23, 2020

Show Notes

Heading into her 40’s and having a blighted ovum leading to a pregnancy loss, Jodie and her husband knew that they wanted to have a baby. In preparation for this, Jodie prepared her body to become and stay pregnant for 2 years prior to actually becoming pregnant after 40 by changing her diet, exercising, taking vitamins and tracking her fertility. Amazingly, with all of these healthy physical and life changes, Jodie noted how much easier that her pregnancy in her 40’s was compared to her 20 something pregnancy when she had her daughter. While basically having an uneventful pregnancy at 42, Jodie talks about her decision to have a doula, using a lactation specialist and how she sleep trained her newborn. Tune in to this episode for Jodie’s full pregnancy after 40 journey and story.