Pregnancy After 40

Podcast Episode

Episode 016 - Giving Birth for the First Time at 48 Years Old Despite Having a Disability w/ Kelly

November 22, 2020

Show Notes

As an athlete all of her life, Kelly was devastated when she became disabled as a result of a spinal condition in her early 30’s. Soon confined to a wheelchair Kelly found peace and encouragement in her friend turned husband, who was also disabled. Desiring to have children, despite their disabilities, the couple tried numerous unsuccessful rounds of IVF and eventually gave up and instead adopted their daughter. However, wanting their daughter to grow up with a sibling, Kelly and her husband decided to try IVF one more time. This time it worked, and Kelly delivered her miracle baby at 48 years old, overcoming several pregnancy related issues. Kelly shares her story to encourage not only women over 40 years old but also disabled women by being an example of a conqueror in life and as a mother. To hear more, tune in to this episode for Kelly’s full Pregnancy after 40 Journey and Story.