Pregnancy After 40

Podcast Episode

Episode 022 - Convincing Teenage Daughter One of the Biggest Hurdles to Having Surprise Baby at 41 w/ Jessica

February 14, 2021

Show Notes

Not having been on any form of birth control since her mid 30’s, neither Jessica, her husband or her 14-year-old daughter expected her to have a baby at 41 years old. And while Jessica and her husband soon embraced the arrival of a new baby, their daughter, who vehemently opposed having a sibling, was a harder sell. Having to deal their daughter’s shock and anger in having a new baby in the home, this was the hardest part of Jessica’s pregnancy, but she shares how the couple was able to overcome this hurdle.

Additionally, Jessica shares how she dealt with her surprise diagnosis of having Gestational Diabetes, how following a Keto diet may have played a part in conceiving naturally, why she skipped genetic and the Nipt testing, and the reason for choosing to pump exclusively from day one. To hear more, tune in to this episode for Jessica’s full Pregnancy after 40 Journey and Story.

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