Pregnancy After 40

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Episode 023 - Reducing the Risk of and Managing Gestational Diabetes with Diabetes Care Specialist, Casey Seiden

March 01, 2021

Show Notes

Casey Seiden, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist, has a passion for helping women to eat well together with their diabetes. She helps women with gestational diabetes, pre-diabetes, and type II diabetes have balanced blood sugars, all while feeling less stressed and trapped by a restrictive diet plan.

Nutrition looks different for each of us, but Casey believes that delicious food should always be the foundation. As a food-loving dietitian, Casey’s mission is to help women who are TTC and pregnant to uncomplicate nutrition and enjoy all foods with less stress. She helps women gain confidence in navigating their relationship with food and health in order to feel their absolute best. We all eat, so her goal is to journey the road together.

Casey’s passion is to inspire pregnant women to eat well through realistic and nourishing recipes, share advice and evidence-based recommendations for your nutrition concerns, and support you in finding peace with food and your body.

To hear more, tune in to this episode with Casey as she shares her nutrition and gestational diabetes advice and expertise.

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