Pregnancy After 40

Episode 025 - Preparing and Guiding Women Through Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood w/ Deb Flashenberg

March 28, 2021

Show Notes

In this episode, Deb Flashenberg, a Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Director & Childbirth Educator and Founder of the "Prenatal Yoga Center" discusses:

* How the "Prenatal Yoga Center" Guides you through the sometimes bumpy road of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood;

* How she educates women to make informed decisions about their unique pregnancy and birth allowing them to be an active participant in this experience;

*How Yoga provides more ease, balance, and comfort to your body to help you have a more functional birth.

To hear more, tune in to this episode as Deb shares her yoga and childbirth expertise.

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