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Episode 028 - How Diet, Nutrition, and Natural Herbs Can Affect, Decrease & Improve Fertility w/ Freya Morani

April 11, 2021

Show Notes

In this episode, Freya Morani, Birth Doula and Wellness & Fertility Consultant shares how diet and nutrition can and will improve your fertility and the services that she offers as a birth doula.

About Freya Morani:

Freya Mórani is the Founder and CEO of RootMama. She is a certified doula, trained breastfeeding educator, childbirth educator, and wellness coach. She provides intuitive and professional support to women, infants, and families during preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Her healing journey began during her freshman year in college in Atlanta, GA by cutting out fast food and eating better. Step by step, she incorporated more healthy changes over the years including becoming vegetarian around 2008. Freya became interested in becoming a doula after watching Shafia Monroe's presentation on the Legacy of the Black Midwife in 2011. Shortly thereafter, she coupled her knowledge of healing the womb with her professional doula training to create the wellness company RootMama.

Freya is unique in her approach to supporting women achieve their wellness goals and live their best life. Her belief in the utmost importance of the woman's total health and vitality is what motivates her work through RootMama. Freya continues to level up her professional skills by raking up continuing education hours, training, mentorship, and self-led studies.

Additionally, Freya gives exceptional emotional and comfort support to moms and families. She has a wealth of knowledge in birthing practices, birthing options, comfort measures for mothers, breastfeeding techniques, and infant care. She helps moms feel confident, prepared, and well-informed about their births.

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