Pregnancy After 40

Episode 038 - : Natural Pregnancy at 44 After Years of Trying to Conceive Again w/ Leann

July 11, 2021

Show Notes

Brief Summary:

An easy natural conception for her first child at 39 years old led Leann and her husband to believe that it would not take that long to conceive their second child. Several years later with a miscarriage along the way, Leann shares her “Pregnancy After 40” story and journey, including an emergency induction due to high blood pressure which turned into preeclampsia. Many hours later, Leann’s daughter was born several weeks early and had to return to the hospital days after being discharged because their pediatrician initially disregarded the seriousness of their newborn’s jaundice, which required an admittance to the hospital again where their baby almost needed a blood transfusion.

To hear more, tune in to this episode for Leann’s entire “Pregnancy After 40” Journey and Story.


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