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Episode 040 - "The Joy of Later Motherhood" Author, Fertility Coach and Speaker w/ Bettina Gordon

November 14, 2021

Show Notes

Mom at 44; Author at 46; Cancer-Kicker at 48; YouTuber at 50!

After becoming a mother for the first time at 44 years old, writing a book titled, "The Joy of Later Motherhood" and then becoming a mentor and fertility coach, Bettina Gordon - Wayne empowers women from all over the world by living and promoting her "It's Never Too Late to Live the Life You Love, Reinvent Successfully, and Defy Aging Along the Way!" mantra.

In this Pregnancy After 40 Podcast interview, Bettina shares her life journey over 40, which includes having her son at 44 years old, which she credits to several things that she practiced and incorporated into her life before she conceived. Open, honest, and funny, Bettina is an inspiration to all women over 40 years as it relates to pregnancy, career, peace, and happiness!


“Never give up on your dream! Age is a number, not your destiny.” - Bettina Gordon-Wayne Bettina

Gordon-Wayne is a seasoned journalist, bestselling author, and certified mental strength trainer who helps women overcome their limiting beliefs around age and start (or expand) their families when the time is right for them - and if that is over the age of 40, then that’s the best time! As a European living in the USA, Bettina has re-invented herself multiple times in her life, especially recently: she became a first-time mother at the age of 44 and wrote her first bestselling book “The Joy of Later Motherhood” to also showcase other women who had their first kid(s) past their 40s birthdays.

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