Pregnancy After 40

9 Non-Alcoholic Alternatives to Wine, Beer & Mixed Drinks

Written by Michelle Johnson

So, you weren’t necessarily a heavy drinker before you became pregnant, but you would indulge in a glass of wine every so often. However, now that you’re trying to conceive or are pregnant, you’ve asked yourself if an occasional glass of wine while pregnant is okay.

Well, you can do the research online and talk to other women on whether or not it’s okay to drink a little wine or alcohol until you’re blue in the face. Yet at the end of all of your googling and opinions from other women and professionals, you’ll most likely find conflicting information. If you really want approval or confirmation about your decision to consume alcohol during pregnancy, then you should definitely discuss it with your medical provider or doctor. But if you want non-alcoholic options, then read on.

This question was discussed in length several times in the “Pregnancy After Forty Private Group” on Facebook. In addition to many members suggesting great non-alcoholic recipes and substitutes for wine, spirits, and beer, we’ve also checked out some other favorite non-alcoholic drinks, and to our surprise, we found many options!

In essence, this means that you no longer have to forgo the alcoholic taste altogether! Check out some of these popular non-alcoholic beverages so you don’t feel like you’re totally missing out while you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or even breastfeeding.

Just remember, that while these items are highly reviewed non-alcoholic beverages, they are still substitutes and likely won’t taste exactly like your favorite alcoholic drink – so please keep that in mind when you try these great alternatives. Enjoy!


There’s nothing like a nice glass of your favorite wine with a special meal, with friends, or even in the evening when you just want to relax. It can be a  bummer to think that we have to give it up during our “Pregnancy After 40” journey, but there are amazing non-alcoholic wine options out there, and here are a few to get you started on your “virgin” wine exploration.



The great thing about “Frewines”, which is described as the “Perfect Wine Experience, Without the Alcohol,” is that you can purchase them at various locations near you wherever you are. They also have all of your favorite wine flavors, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Moscato, Rose, White Zinfandel, and a variety of tasty recipes and mocktail videos on their website. A Frewine bottle of “something” is definitely on my list to pick up the next time I go to the grocery store. Their recipes have also inspired me to experiment with different flavors so I can see which one I like the best!


Welch’s Sparkling Mocktails

With already having great tasting “Sparkling Juices” (which have been a staple in my home for the past few years on New Year’s since I’ve either been pregnant or nursing since that time), Welch’s Sparkling Mocktails seem just as delectable. One reviewer praised Welch’s by commenting that “if you want non-alcoholic red wine, but sweet with a mild carbonation, this is for you!” Having Sparkling Sangria, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri, we can’t wait to test out their entire Mocktails line at our next event.



When you visit their website, Sapiens announces, “No more sugar-laden mocktails, or “Coke, please” at every event. You deserve better non-alcoholic options.” And I say, “Yes, yes we do!” And especially for those us trying to conceive, pregnant, and/or breastfeeding, one reviewer wrote that Sapiens was an “Excellent alternative during pregnancy” and that “This was, by far, the best non-alcoholic option for me during my pregnancy!” With free shipping on orders over $50, now is a perfect time to try them out!



When choosing a non-alcoholic beer be sure to check that the alcohol content is actually 0.0%. Legally, beer in the United States only needs to be less than 0.5% alcohol volume to be classified as non-alcoholic to be sure to verify the alcohol content. The below beers are advertised as having 0.0% alcohol, so we suggest checking these out first if you are longing for that beer taste.


Sharp’s Miller Non-Alcoholic Beer

Sharp’s Non-Alcoholic Beer by Miller Brewing Company has great reviews touting that is an “alternative to premium beers” with no preservatives or additives. Consumers have stated that there is “no noticeable bitterness” and “has a good flavor.” Others have stated that they “would have never started drinking alcoholic beer if they had known about this Miller non-alcoholic beer choice.” Sharp’s non-alcoholic beer had the highest review being rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars, so we definitely checking this one out.


Heineken Alcohol Free Beer

Heineken openly states that their alcohol-free beer tastes different from their alcoholic version while noting that it has “the same characteristic fruity notes, but with a soft malty body.” Additionally, reviewers have praised the alcohol-free beer as “excellent” with a “nice flavor” and the first non-alcoholic “beer that tastes like regular beer.” Rated 4 out of 5 stars, this is a close second in reviews to Sharp’s Miller Non-Alcoholic Beer.


Busch NA Non-Alcoholic Beer

Busch describes this beverage as one that lets you enjoy the “traditional rich Busch flavor without the alcohol.” Containing 60 calories per serving, you can enjoy this non-alcoholic beer at a cookout or with pizza. Furthermore, consumers have commented that this beer has an “excellent taste, and carbonation with a crisp finish” and that “if you can’t drink alcohol then this beer is a good choice.”



There’s nothing like a nice mixed drink that’s somewhat fruity and sweet. Thank goodness for these recipes where you only need to swap out the alcoholic portion with some sort of light and/or caffeine-free soda product. We encourage you to be creative with the portions in order to suit your palate!


Faux Margarita 

Lucky for you there are only a few ingredients used to make margaritas. All you have to do for this one is visit your local grocer to pick up a liquid margarita mix and follow the instructions on the bottle and simply substitute the tequila with Sprite and enjoy. Simple, easy, and quick.


Faux Mojito 

There was a period in my life that Mojitos were my drink of choice, so it’s good to know that I can make my own virgin Mojito from the comfort of my home. Just combine club soda, lime juice, simple syrup, and mint leaves over ice. You can find “simple syrups” in one of 3 places at your grocery store: 1) By the cocktail mixes, 2) In the alcoholic beverage aisle, or 3) Within the baking and condiment aisle. Faux Mojitos here I come!


Faux champagne 

If you don’t want to miss out on toasting on those special occasions with a glass of champagne, hopefully, there’s a bartender around who can make this faux champagne for you, or alternatively, you can make your own as well. Combine 1 part pineapple juice, 2 parts white grape juice, 3 parts ginger ale to taste, and voila, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is merely the writer's opinion and information - not advice. If you have questions, you should always seek the advice of a doctor or another appropriate medical professional.